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Tax Preparation

Both Dave and Troy prepare taxes promptly and accurately.  With professional training and years of experience, they will meticulously analyze your expenses and income to maximize deductions.  All of our corporate, personal and partnership tax returns are filed electronically unless the client prefers not to.


We provide complete and personalized tax preparation services for both businesses and individuals such as:



Allow our expertise to maximize your refunds and ensure that your taxes are filed correctly.


Ÿ.  Federal and State Returns (Any State)

Ÿ.  Multi-State Returns

Ÿ . Amended Tax Returns



We are experienced in preparing the taxes of businesses at all stages of growth.  We’ll prepare and file your returns in an accurate and timely manner, freeing up your valuable time so you can concentrate on running your business.


Ÿ . Initial Business Setup 

Ÿ . Federal and State Returns

Ÿ . Corporate Returns (“C” Corp and “S” Corp)

Ÿ . Partnership Returns

Ÿ . Single Owner Returns

Ÿ . Multi Owner LLC

Ÿ . Single Owner LLC

Ÿ . Sales Tax Returns

Ÿ . Payroll Tax Returns

Ÿ . Amended Business Tax Returns

Ÿ . Final Returns


Small Business Accounting

Looking for accurate, timely, and cost-efficient accounting services for your small business? Enlisting the services of our professionals gives you the peace of mind that allows you to focus your valuable time on running and growing your business.


We provide full-service assistance for your business needs.

Ÿ.  Detailed recording of income/expenditure transactions

Ÿ.  General ledger maintenance

Ÿ.  Balance sheet and profit and loss statements

Ÿ.  Bank statement reconciliations


We will also manage regulatory paperwork for you.

Ÿ.  Filing paperwork with government agencies

Ÿ.  Preparing tax forms

Ÿ.  Annual reports

Ÿ.  Workers’ compensation



We provide payroll services geared to businesses of all sizes.  We can issue payroll for as little as one employee, and we offer personalized support and consultation throughout the entire process.


Our services include:

Ÿ.  Issuing payroll checks

Ÿ.  New employee set-up

Ÿ.  Deducting applicable taxes

Ÿ.  Submitting withheld items to avoid interest and penalties

Ÿ.  Preparation of all payroll tax returns


Tax Planning

We specialize in tax planning for individuals and businesses.  As a smaller firm, we offer personalized attention and one-on-one consultation to all of our clients.  Our goal is to help clients understand and plan their finances, facilitating smart financial decisions year-round.

Tax laws and regulations are changing all of the time.  We keep current on all changes, constantly seeking new opportunities to reduce your tax liabilities.  We take a proactive, personalized and comprehensive approach to tax planning.  Your financial success is our priority.


Financial Services

Financial services include:

Ÿ.  Retirement Planning

Ÿ.  Educational Planning

Ÿ.  Estate Planning